Front entrance of the Dipple Medical Centre in Pisea Basildon - Front entrance

 GP Referred Ultrasound appointments are available at the 

"WEST WING" of Dipple Medical Centre in Pitsea, Basildon. 

To arrange an appointment, once you have been given an Ultrasound Examination Request Form by your GP, 
contact Beehive Solutions on 020 8550 9108

(Your clinic may fax the ultrasound request form directly to us on
                             020 8551 5911. 
In such cases, we shall contact you be telephone to arrange an appointment,
but you are most welcome to telephone us, if you prefer.


The Dipple Medical Centre is located directly opposite the Basildon Upper Academy.
It consists of three seperate surgeries, so ensure you report to the West Wing (Dr Arayomi)


Location Map of the Dipple Medical Centre




Clinic Address:


(West Wing) 
Wickford Avenue
CM13 2HQ    

Directly oposite the Basildon Upper Academy

Tel: 01268 555782
(Surgery only)      


For Ultrasound enquiries
contact Beehive Solutions on:
020 8550 9108 






Once you have entered Dipple Medical Centre, you need to report to the WEST WING (Dr Arayomi's clinic)

Upon arriving in the West Wing, Report to Reception and advise them you have an Ultrasound Appointment.



Please ensure you follow any instructions you are given to prepare for your Ultrasound examination. 

For some examinations it is vital you do not eat or drink anything for 4 hours prior to the examination, and for others you need to drink a pint of water. full instructions will be provided when your appointment is booked.

Failiure to observe the correct instructions will result in the need to cancel your examination and rebook you for another occaision.

Download our information leaflet on Patient Preparation for ultrasound Examination.


Don't have a GP referral?

Private Ultrasound appointments are available at this clinic, and additional clinics,
throughout the SW Essex region for Private Ultrasound Appointments.

For further information and prices,
contact beehive Solutions by telephone on 020 8550 9108