Ultrasound appointments are available for SW Essex, GP referrals at the 


In most cases, your GP Surgery will fax the Ultrasound Request form directly to us on
                             020 8551 5911.
We will then contact you by telephone to arrange an appointment; 
alternatively, you are most welcome to telephone us, if you prefer.

Occaisionally, your GP may not include your contact telephone number on the form, or the surgery may not have your most recent number in their records. For these reasons, if you do not hear from us with in three days of seeing your GP please contact us yourselves.

To arrange an appointment,
contact Beehive Solutions on 020 8550 9108

If we are unable to contact you by telephone, we will send a proposed appointment to you my mail.

Attending for your Ultrasound at East Thurrock medical Centre by Public Transport ?
The clinic is services by bus numbers 66 and 22a (Sundays only).
Alight at the Kent Road stop.        Download Bus Route 66 Routemap


We currently attend the East Thurrock Medical Centre on a Friday, with sessions in the Morning and Afternoon

Please note:   
You do not need to be a patient of the East Thurrock Medical Centre to have a scan there. As long as your GP is in SW Essex, we can see you at the clinic.
Ask your GP to fax the Ultrasound request form direct to us on :      020 8551 5911


Private Ultrasound Appointments are also available.    Call us to discuss your requirements.

location map East Thurrock Medical Centre in Grays


Clinic Address:

34 East Thurrock Road
RM17 6SP    

Tel: 01375 390 575
(Surgery only)      

For Ultrasound enquiries

contact Beehive Solutions on:
020 8550 9108 

Bus Route 66 & 22a

If using Google Map's, the clinic location is misquoted and appears further along East Thurrock Road.
The correct location is as shown here.

(Look out for the white Surgery & Pharmacy building on your left, if walking East)


East Thurrock Medical Centre in Grays, Essex, has a large car park at the rear of the property.
In addition, by using the rear entrance, you will be on the correct floor for your Ultrasound examination.

Report to Reception on arrival



Please ensure you follow any instructions you are given to prepare for your Ultrasound examination.
For some examinations, it is vital you do not eat or drink anything for 4 hours prior to the examination, and for others you need to drink a pint of water. Full instructions will be provided when your appointment is booked and are detailed on the back of your appointment letter.

Failiure to observe the correct instructions will result in the need to cancel your examination and rebook you for another occaision.

Download our information leaflet on Patient Preparation for ultrasound Examination.



Don't have a GP referral?

Private Ultrasound appointments are available at this clinic, and additional clinics,
throughout the SW Essex region for Private Ultrasound Appointments.

For further information and prices, Go To Private Ultrasound Scans in SW Essex;    or 
contact beehive Solutions by telephone on 020 8550 9108