Beehive Solutions has been delivering diagnostic Ultrasound services, including community based ultrasound services, since 2007; and we now provide services to a number of NHS Trusts and Private healthcare facilities across the country, as well as providing scans for Private (fee paying) patients.

Across the Nation, our Service provides a comprehensive range of NHS and Private Ultrasound examinations, including:

  • Upper Abdominal Ultrasound.Male and Female Pelvic Ultrasound.
  • “Small Parts” (Thyroid, Testes, Breast)
  • Ultrasound.Abdominal Aorta including Aortic Aneurysm Screening and Surveillance.
  • Musculo-Skeletal (MSK) Ultrasound.
  • Carotid Artery Scanning – Screening and TIA clinics
  • DVT surveillance scanVaricose Vein Screening
  • Trans-Cranial Doppler
  • Upper and Lower limb arterial and venous mapping.

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Service Delivery

We operate on a flexible service model, which allows us to provide services from;

  • with in NHS Trusts (both Acute Trust and GP (primary care) premises),
  • with in Private healthcare facilities;
  • with in non-healthcare clinic premises (eg laser clinics)        and
  • within our own premises.

In this way, we can provide services without geographical restrictions, to best suit the requirements of the healthcare provider client and the patient.

For instance, we currently provide; all of the Vascular ultrasound for patients with in Frimley Park Hospital NHS Trust, TIA (Carotid) assessment for patients in Cornwall and Varicose Vein assessment in London.


Ultrasound equipment

When using our own provided equipment, we prefer to scan with the highly regarded M5 and M7 scanners from Mindray. These portable, colour, scanners provide the highest quality imaging and can easily be moved to different clinic locations.

Having our own mobile equipment, allows Beehive Solutions to take the investigation to the patient, rather than forcing the patient to visit a central clinic location.


The Ultrasound Team

Beehive Solutions is run by Sonographers, and as such we have decades of experience across the full range of diagnostic ultrasound. On top of that, we sub-contract experts in the field, Sonographers and Vascular Scientists with solid NHS Ultrasound experience, to provide selected sessions where they can offer invaluable expertise. Our services have the back-up of Consultant support when needed.

As well as this collection of highly trained, highly talented, professional imaging staff, Beehive Solutions employ experienced healthcare support staff and administrative officers to ensure the patient experience is faultless throughout.


A 'Patient Focused' Service

Many companies say they offer a personalised service. Beehive Solutions REALLY offers a personalised service:

Whereever possible, appointments are booked according to the convenience of the patient and we try to speak to each patient by telephone to ensure it exactly meets their needs.

We are available by phone or email for patients to contact, to discuss their examination, appointment or answer any other relevant query. If our highly experience administration team cannot answer the query, there is always a qualified Sonographer on hand to give an opinion. Out-of-hours, we have a telephone answering service and all messages are followed up as a priority the next working day.

Unless the patient prefers to delay for personal reasons, or the ultrasound is required on a particular occasion (eg “week 14 of a pregnancy”, or “6 weeks after operation” etc), we aim to contact all patients with in 2 days of receiving the examination request and to perform the ultrasound examination with in 1 week.

We communicate with patients where ever th opportuunity arises, with the aim of delivering excellent clinical care in a friendly, effective, efficient and appreciated manner.

Following there examinations our patients are given a verbal and written report so that they do not have to wait weeks before seeing their Doctor again


Patient Feedback

We ask all patients to complete feedback forms so we can rate our performance and identify issues where we could improve. All patients are given the patient satisfaction questionnaire, which can be completed at the time or taken away with a stamped address envelope at the end of the examination. The response rate to this is over 82%. The statistical analyses of these feedback reports is published and available for patients, public and clients to see.


Increasing Patient Referrals

We welcome increased patient referrals as we recognise it represents confidence in our services and the scan results obtained. Both nationally and with-in the South West Essex region, as the number of patients coming to us increases, so we have increased the number and locations of Ultrasound sessions being provided. This allows us to maintain excellent quality of service without acquiring increasing waiting length waiting lists.


Care Quality Commission inspections

Beehive Solutions is registered with the Care Quality Commission and our CQC approved protocols and procedures ensure all patients receive the best possible quality of care.

See the Beehive Solutions' Care Quality Commission registration (opens in new window) 

or: Download Beehive Solutions' latest CQC Inspection report.