In addition to the Community Ultrasound provision for the GP referred patients of South-West Essex, Beehive Solutions also provides a full range of private Ultrasound examinations for fee paying patients.

We offer private ultrasound scans, both in the form of "Well Person" Health Screening scans and as Symptomatic diagnostic and review ultrasound examinations. The scans are available without referrals for fee-paying (private) clients.

Prices are shown below. Payment to be made by Cash or Cheque at a time of the examination. At present we are unable to accept insurance cases. Payment by credit card / debit card is possible, but only if arranged with our Office in advance of your examination, as we do not have the facilities to accept card payments at the scan locations.


The links below provide full details of the various Ultrasound examinations available for fee-paying patients.


Diagnostic Scans

Abdominal Ultrasound           Gynae Ultrasound         Male Pelvis         Thyroid       

Ante-Natal Ultrasound of your growing baby


Ultrasound Screening

Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Scanning  



Why arrange a private 'well-person' health screening?

If you have symptoms which point to a specific cause, your GP might well refer you for an ultrasound scan to confirm or exclude it. There are other occaisions, however, when you might be feeling unwell but there is no real indication of cause. Or, you might have had a family member with a specific condition and be concerned that you could have a similar issue.

In these cases, a "well Person" scan might be just the answer. We can check you over with the general aim of confirming your continued health, but if we should find an issue, we can get you referred back to your GP and for specialised treatment far earlier than would otherwise be the case.


Why come to Beehive Solutions for my Private diagnostic scan?

If your GP or other healthcare professional considers it necessary for you to have an Ultrasound scan, they will most likely refer you to the NHS, which is available as a free-of-charge solution.

However, the NHS is an organisation under great and ever increasing pressure; this means that waiting lists can be long and as a result the NHS can fail to deliver the quality of service that we would all prefer. At these times, and for those who otherwise cannot access NHS services, private ultrasound scans are a valuable option.

As well as being registered with the NHS to provide GP referred Ultrasounds in the SW essex area, we are also able to perform Private Ultrasounds without such a referral.

As you'll see below, we offer extremely competitive prices:


Prices are shown below - or download the pdf file of the Beehive Solutions' Private patient current Price List

Abdominal Ultrasound Examinations.


Full Upper Abdomen

£  90.00

Lower Abdomen (male) including Prostate

£  90.00

Kidney and Bladder (including pre and post Mict)

£  90.00

Full Abdomen (Adbomen & Pelvis) Male & Female






Trans-Abdominal & Trans-Vaginal Pelvic Assessment

£  90.00

Ovarian Screening

£  90.00

Follicle scan to assess fertility treatment

£  90.00





Early Pregnancy Viability / Dating Scan

£  70.00

Fetal Anomaly Scan (20 - 23 weeks gestation)


Fetal Growth / Fetal Well-being Scan (24wk+ gestation)

£  10.00





Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm Screening

£ 80.00

Carotid Artery Screening


Deep Vein Thrombosis Screening (Bilateral)




Other Examinations


Testes and Scrotal Examinations

£  80.00

Thyroid Ultrasound

£  80.00

Musculo-Skeletal Ultrasound

£  80.00




 (Prices correct on 19th Dec 2014)