EcoStep. Bronze Award


At Beehive Solutions, we fully accept our repsonsibility to ensure all our operations are operated in a responsible and sustainable manner.

As such, we periodically examine all the indivdual actions that go towards the services we provide, with the aim of ensuring they remain as green-friendly as possible

As evidence of Beehive Solutions' very real commitment to reducing our environemental impact, in 2012 we also put the company's procedures and policy's under independent scrutiny with an external audit by the CESBM at Middlesex University, and as a result have been awarded a Bronze Eco Award

Environmental Policy

Beehive Solutions, operating under the trading name of Beehive Healthcare Solutions, provides a Community Ultrasound Service to the patients of the SW Essex region, as detailed with in this website. Additional, Beehive Healthcare Solutions provides a Managed Ultrasound Service to the NHS and Private Clinics, together with a sale and rental service for Medical Laser Generators.

Seperately, we are a distributor of healthcare supplies to the National Health Service, Private Healthcare providers and the general public. Our primary route to market in this respect is a web-based catalog site operated under the trading name of Beehive Medical Solutions.

Beehive Solutions recognises its responsibility to respect and protect the environment and will strive to achieve environmental best practice throughout its business activity.

Beehive Solutions shall ensure its operations comply with the requirements of environmental legislation and approved codes of practice.  

To achieve these aims, Beehive Solutions shall routinely analyse the environmental impact of current and planned operations in an effort to improve environmental performance by the reduction of pollutants, emissions and waste, as well as reduced use of energy, raw materials and supplies.

Beehive Solutions shall make all reasonable effort to raise awareness, encourage participation and train employees in environmental matters, and shall expect similar standards to be maintained by suppliers and contractors.

Beehive Solutions shall offer advice to customers on the use of services in an environmentally-sensitive manner and encourage and participate in discussions on environmental issues.

Beehive Solutions sales activities result in the collection of a large quantity of empty cardboard boxes, and we have therefore created a waste cardboard policy to reduce the environmental impact.

Beehive Solutions services activities have a major environmental impact with regard transport, and we therefore have created a specific transport policy to govern our operations:

Beehive Solutions shall ensure that the travel requirements of staff and contractors working through our offices are kept to a minimum. The geographical location of a particular client shall be of prime consideration in the placement of individual staff and contractors on the premises, secondary only to the professional capabilities of those individuals.

Beehive Solutions shall encourage all staff and contractors working through our offices to maximise the use of public transport when making journeys to and from work, and when on any other company business.

This Environmental policy shall be reviewed on an Annual basis by the Company's Senior Management and amendments made where an improvement in environmental benefit is anticipated by such amendment.


Policy Amended:             2nd December 2012.                          Kevin Rendell.                       Director.